Bill Direen

Record Labels: Grapefruit Record Club, SmartGuy, Zelle/Powertool/South Indies

Publisher: Indie, South Indies.

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Thanks to all who took part in the current show about the Depression

and the 1930s. We're planning one last weekend in Dunedin in November for that show.
2018 show

Soon ..

Fri 28th Sept, Pyramid Club, with Derek Champion and The Ferocious Collective.

Sat 29 Sept, Audio Foundation, with Steve Cournane.

4-9 Oct Louisville KY The Cropped Out Festival & environs.

Fri Oct 12 Builders reunion, Dark Room, with Greig Bainbridge and Stuart Page.

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Podcast with Simon Sweetman 2018

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Cut 2018 Bill Direen

Vinyl release of this 1994 album at shows or from Zelle Records, Powertool.

Digital download $7